What are Solid Concrete Blocks?

What are Solid Concrete Blocks

The solid Concrete Blocks are made up of cement and sand mixture. Solid Concrete blocks are used for constructing walls of homes, gardens, or commercial buildings. These are made up of high-density properties. The solid Concrete Blocks provide strong protection from heavy rainfall or high-speed blowing wind.

If you are looking for a Concrete Blocks supplier in Dubai? Alton Fence Company in Dubai also deals with and distributes Solid Concrete Blocks along with Fencing construction services. The Concrete Blocks Dubai has typically heavier and larger bricks than simple hollow blocks. 

Alton Fence Company uses these Solid Concrete Blocks for fencing service even. These Concrete Blocks are used on Construction sites for fencing wall purpose or for any other specific projects. 

If you are thinking about the uses of Solid Concrete Blocks in Dubai, Let us know about it :

  • The solid Concrete Blocks are used to protect the building walls from flood, fire, heavy rainfall, and strong wind.
  • Due to the high superior quality of material, it sustains for a longer period.
  • Easy versatile adaptation to the temperature during different weathers.
  • Requires less or no maintenance constantly.
  • The Solid Concrete Blocks has good performance on  chimney.

Through Concrete blocks, the garden fences, residential as well as Commercial fences can be constructed for a longer period. Alton Fence Company provides Concrete Block Fencing for Residential and commercial properties. This Concrete Block Fencing protects the wall even from the noise pollution of transport, neighborhood property, and industrial sounds.

Alton Fence Company supplies Solid Concrete Blocks at very reasonable rates. The solid block price in UAE is cheaper than those of bricks. The price of the solid concrete blocks are differ according to the size of the block. It becomes cheaper when raw materials are easily available and as Alton Fencing company constructs these concrete blocks in their factory. So, the transportation charges were also cut down.

For Fencing, Alton Fence In Dubai usually suggests using a Solid Blocks Compound wall which is better than the hollow block Compound wall. As solid blocks can bear more load of strong wind, heavy rainfall, flood, and fire than hollow blocks. Solid blocks compound wall includes many attractive and interlock designs that can be constructed by Alton Fencing services providing Company.

If you hire a service from Alton Fence Company In Dubai, they can help you to get your fencing wall Constructed according to your wish list. They create a layout, take measurements, and form the structure, shape, and size of the Solid Block wall construction. Accordingly, plans to cut the blocks, arrange tools and start the process of Construction and fencing. They aim to make your fencing wall Constructed according to your preferences and aesthetic view. 

Alton Fence Company’s products are constructed in a specific factory in the city of Dubai. They are registered and certified suppliers of standard products. They are providing their services of fencing and other projects for the past 6 years with successful reviews and rewards.

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