Types of Temporary Fencing

Types of Temporary Fencing

Nowadays, temporary fencing is a free standing and a self-supporting fence panel and these panels are held together with equipment which interlock the panels together for making it portable and flexible for different types of applications and the most common type of fencing is heras fencing.

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Temporary fence for construction site.

Construction sites are the most common places for temporary fencing. Construction sites can be dangerous which is why a temporary boundary is always needed. Temporary fencing is always good for construction sites which are needed till the end of any type of construction to avoid accidents. Temporary construction is also known as construction hoarding which are attached to metal prongs which are around the construction site and one can recognise it from the color bright orange fencing.

Types of temporary fencing.

  • Picket Fence : We have often seen, white picket fences around the yard of a house and these fences are great if you have a pet or children as they help to keep them safe from any accident of intruders.
  • Bike rack barricades: The bike rack barricades are used at big events which require crowd control and the events can be sports events, marathons, any show or concerts where celebrities are invited.
  • Chain link fence: Chain link fences are used mainly in carnivals or any show as these fences help to maintain a line and these can be also used around the perimeter of the rides as well as construction sites in order to maintain safety measures of the public.
  • Mojo barricade: These are commonly used at events and they are made of aluminum as it provides safety for having strong and sturdy support. These are not heavy and they can be moved from one place to another as required.

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