Types of concrete blocks used in construction

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If you consider renovating your home or commercial property, then it is wise to learn about various construction materials. One of the widely used materials includes concrete blocks.

What are Concrete blocks?

Concrete blocks or masonry unit comprises concrete, cement, water, sand, and some other additives. Many types of concrete blocks are used for different kinds of construction projects.

Types of concrete blocks

Here we will learn about the types of concrete blocks in Dubai.

  1. Concrete Bricks: The Concrete bricks are rectangular and kept organized in piles. It is used to build rigid walls. It is made of concrete or clay. Its best uses are building aesthetic fences in different hues.
  2. Solid Concrete Blocks: Solid concrete blocks are big, one of the most commonly used blocks. It is used to create a heavy and robust building. It offers immense strength, and hence, the engineers use it to create load-bearing structures.
  3. Autoclaved Concrete Blocks: The aerated autoclaved concrete blocks have the same aggregates but different compositions than bricks. It is a lighter model of a concrete brick. Aerated autoclaved blocks offer a much more economical cost along with lower construction time, fire resistance, and high adaptability.
  4. Hollow Concrete Blocks: Avoid concrete block is a hollow concrete block. As the name indicates, it is a lightweight aggregate and hence, easy to install.
    There are many variations in the Hollow Concrete Blocks, such as:
    • Pillar block: The pillar blocks or double corner blocks can build pillars. Immensely popular, they are widely available in large quantities in Dubai stores.
    • Jamb block: Jamb blocks have two shallow grooves and a deeper groove. It is used in double-hung windows.
    • Stretcher block: Concrete stretcher blocks is used to join the corner of masonry units, with their face parallel to the wall face.
    • Corner block: as the name suggests, corner blocks can be placed at corners or the ends of doors and windows.
    • Column block: A column block is a square block having a single hole stacked to create columns.
    • Channeled or Beam block: Also called a Lintel block, it has a U shape. Due to the deep grooves, it can be filled with concrete. They are placed on the top of doors and windows to transport the load.
  5. Paving Blocks: Paving blocks can be square or rectangular in shape. They are made of reinforced concrete. The paving block finds its usage in creating decorated pavements. You can spot paving blocks in road construction Dubai, car parks, and walkways.

Wrapping up

The concrete blocks are highly usable and versatile materials. Several architects and engineers use a different variety of concrete blocks to construct high-rise buildings and residential complexes.

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