How to install welded wire fence

How to install welded wire fence

Welded mesh fences are commonly known as Mesh fencing as they have high quality steel wires which are electrically welded together in order to build a strong mesh. Welded wire mesh fences are available in the market in two formats which are Rolled mesh and Rigid mesh. The rigid mesh system is the most popular as well as the first choice for a wide number of projects from construction, civil utilities. Welded wire mesh fences are used mainly for high security barriers where the viability from the fences is necessary. These mesh fences are used for animal enclosure in zoos.

If you are finding welded mesh fence in Dubai then Alton groups are here to provide the best welded mesh fences for your house or office. The different uses of welded mesh fences are mentioned below: 

  • The mesh fences can be used around the public buildings
  • Installed around public buildings
  • Residential perimeter fence
  • Around prisons, secure hospitals and military camps for many different reasons.
  • Country border to avoid any attack from intruders.
  • In parks, zoos and nature reserves.

Alton Group of companies have successfully carried out various fence and signboard projects. The company is are highly professional firm as a firm contractor.

How to install a welded wire fence?

Alton group are mainly use for playground, parks, farms, building and strong fence

beautiful and strong fence playgrounds, parks, high-security areas and sites. Installing a welded wire fence is easy to install. Alton group would install welded wire fence within few days.

Different types of Welded Wire Fences are:

  • PVC welded Wire Mesh: This type of mesh are coasted with fine PVC powder for corrorsion resistance. These type of mesh are used in farming, construction, transportation and mining for the protection of structures, safety segregation, decoration and keeping of poultry and livestock.
  • Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh: These are used for galvanized wire mesh which tend to offer a different varitey of opening sizes and diameter wires and these wire meshes are variety of applications of the finished product..
  • Welded Wire Fencing: This type of meshed wire are available in rolls or panels which are used for fencing. Wire fence rolls are good for jobs which have larger linear footage to cover as it requires work crews and professional installers. There are also additional materials like posts, rings, pliers and these are pre constructed in set shapes and sizes to fit the structure.
  • Welded Steel Bar Gratings: Welded steel grating are produced through resistance welded steel. Welded steel bar grating are used as it has many benefits like strength, cost efficient production or ease of installation. Welded steel grating has an anti slip surface, corrosion resistance, good drainage function, and high strength and load capacity.
  • Welded Wire Fabric for Slab Reinforcement: These are used in slabs and ferrocement works. They are high tensile strength and increased yield strength material of accurate dimensions. 

There are many welded mesh suppliers in UAE but Alton Group are the best suppliers near you. Alton Group provided the best service and advices to the customers. From anti climb welded mesh fence to high security welded mesh fence are available. Hurry up and contact to get welded mesh fence

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