How to install an Anti Climb Fence?

How to install Anti Climb Fence

How to install Anti Climb Fence

It is crucial to secure newly constructed property with a high-quality fence, which is utilized on construction sites for “security” and “safety” reasons. 

The Anti Climb Fence is designed to prevent anyone from climbing up or over the Fence. It is one of the most secure fences because it has a high welded pressure point, which makes it very challenging to cut through. 

This Fence is employed in airports, railroad stations, military installations, power plants, ports, chemical plants, prisons, roadways, stadiums, hospitals, and schools, among other locations. The Anti Climb Fence measures 3500 x 2200 mm. This style of Fence weighs 24 kg.

Anti-Climb Fence Installation process

Anti Climb Fence is one of the heaviest and strongest fences which resist people from entering the terrain. “Pre-embedded” installation is the standard way to install this Fence. It is perfect for the land surface. It is an effortless installation. In this way, usually 30-50cm. The buried most extended column is used.

First, you need to establish pits and dig pits, and then columns need to be put into this. After that, immediately pour the cement and let it dry. The second process is “Eye-opening installation”. This process is suitable for cement floors. Before punching the hole in the ground, you must first weld a ground plate at the base of the column. The “Eye-opening installation” process is comparatively complicated. 

So, this process is rarely used. So, the installation process is divided into “pre-embedded” and “eye-opening process”, but due to the environmental factors “pre-embedded” method is used.

Anti Climb Fence Specifications

Some features of “Anti Climb Fence” are:

  1. Intrusion resistant 
  2. Robust double vertical wire design
  3. Corrosion resistant
  4. Easy to install and maintenance free
  5. Security toppings are optional
  6. anti-cut , anti-climb, toe-resistant, finger-resistant 
  7. High strength with posts and anti-tamper fixing
  8. Small mesh aperture
  9. Good viewing visibility

Some specifications are:

Wire: 4 mm steel wire

PVC coated colour: dark green, black, brown, yellow, desert sand, bronze and many more.

Wire surface finish: galvanic coating and then PVC powder coating

Mesh opening pattern: 70mm*8mm, welded well

Mesh sheet width: 2515 mm

Fence Security Toppings

  • Shark tooth spikes: 35 mm width, up to 58mm long teeth
  • Plate thickness: 2.0 mm
  • Base width:65 mm
  • Spike length: 35mm short and 70 mm long spikes
  • Spikes pitch: 70mm

Razor wire 

  • Style: flat or concertina
  • Barb length: short or long
  • Material: galvanized steel, stainless steel
  • Coil diameter: 600mm, 750mm
  • Number of loops: 55
  • Extent length:7.5m

Barbed wire

  • Galvanized or PVC coated
  • Barbs spacing: 3 inch 
  • Gauge: 11 gauge

Anti Climb Fence Suppliers

There are many fence suppliers in the market, but ALTON GROUPis one of the most trusted and popular brands for fencing, concrete blocks, steel fabrication, fence branding and many more. This company was established in 1998 in the Middle east. Their products are manufactured in Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. They distribute their products globally. 


The content above clarifies the importance of “Anti Climb Fence” for a person’s property security. This limits access to the area and offers excellent protection. Also, we can learn more about the well-known fence manufacturer “ALTON GROUP,” a business with its headquarters in Dubai that is well-known for providing these kinds of fences.

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