How EXPO 2020 Will Change Your Business?


Expo 2020 Dubai is one of the biggest trade fairs globally. In fact, as per the reports, the event will attract a huge crowd from across the globe. This will help boost business across numerous industries in the UAE. The event was all set to begin in October 2020; however, due to the covid-19 pandemic the things got shifted, and now the expo will begin from October 2021 and will last till March 2022.

Mega-events like the Olympics and Expo have always benefited the host nation or city. Be economics or iconical; the cities have benefited greatly. In Dubai, almost 80% of the best structures have retained and repurposed the legacy for the expo 2020 master plan.

When it comes to the economic benefit concerned with the expo in Dubai, studies have revealed that the expo will deliver about AED37.7 billion to the country’s economy. The study revealed a lot about the social and economic impact. However, the technological impact still remains a mystery. It is due to the sheer scale and the involved funding in the event that has served as a great platform for launching innovative technologies that have subsequently mainstream.

Overall the expo will serve as a strong ground for the smart city ambition of Dubai. Besides this, there is a great paucity of literature on how the megascale event will impact the private and public industry. The demand for such a mega event will require enterprises to be innovative, analyzed to deliver budget and time. Dubai, in fact, has launched a procurement portal for consolidating Expo 2020 procurement activities. Besides, it will also help enhance the ability to implement critical infrastructure projects effectively and quickly.

Digitalization can play a major role in helping enterprises benefit from the available opportunities and connect and collaborate with people. Major companies who are benefiting the most is the infrastructure and construction sector. During the six-month Expo 2020 Dubai event, there will be a huge rush in the hospitality, tourism, transportation, and retail sector, which will benefit from the expected influx of visitors. Besides this, digitalization, infrastructure, and construction have been driven by the adoption of the building information modeling approach. It is supported by augmented reality and silky design for the project.

The hotel industry is also investing in digitalization to improve the customer experience. This includes automatic check-in to smart control functions and even facial recognition for enhanced security. While the retailers are adopting technology and data to have a better understanding of the customer’s requirements and respond quickly to their preferences. Besides there are new rules for the use of fencing at the event. There will be use of metal fencings to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions during the 6month long event. This will not only good but also help preserve natural resources. It is thus quite obvious that the businesses that have never benefited from the expo are investing in the technology and enabling utilization with a positive motive.

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